Greetings to all, I would like to introduce myself. I am a Father of two, who wants to improve our schools for our children and the employees who work there. As a family, we have experienced our children attending Lincoln Elementary, Anacapa and De Anza Middle schools.  When looking at my platform there is emphasis that I am running a campaign with a special focus towards social and environmental justice.

I am a professional Chef/Culinary Director and have an extensive volunteer background. I hold a BS degree in Hotel-Restaurant and Institutional management from Johnson and Wales University. My education and work experiences focus on budgets, cooperating and nurturing relationships with employees as well as, outside agencies.

Here are some of my volunteer work experiences:
• Food Share-sorting and assisting at events.
• Surf Rider and Ventura Land Trust
• President of Paso Del Mar’s HOA Board of Directors & active on the Architectural Committee
• Co-coordinator for a county progressive group dealing with social and environmental justice
• Co-coordinator on a statewide committee which is involved with grassroots politics

I am running for School Board because I want to make a difference. I have wonderful memories of how my teachers encouraged, engaged and fostered my creative imagination. I want students to be surrounded by caring adults, who lovingly help them reach their full potential. I want our teachers, principals and superintendents to effectively communicate and collaborate with each other and with parents. I want to ensure that the West Side of Ventura gets the same education as the rest of Ventura. I want to be a voice for our children, because their future depends on us!

Thank you for your consideration.


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