Enviromental Issues


We need to eliminate single use plastics from our schools!

We need to ensure proper recycling receptacles are present!

This pile was collected at Deanza courtyard in about 45 minutes.

“We must lead by example.  I have noticed a lack of respect for our environment while attending schools in the VUSD.  What I have seen is an overabundance of single use plastics on campuses, as well as a lackadaisical recycling program.  Now I have not visited every school, but the ones that I have visited have courtyards or quads littered with single use plastics.  Now not all of them are originating from the school themselves but many of them are.  I have witnessed plastic service ware, straws, disposable containers and bottles.  In addition, a disturbing realization there is a lack of recycling containers.  Recycling containers can not be found where the students take their nutrition breaks.  This is just one of many environmental reasons I am running for VUSD area 1.  I want to see our campuses have a set of procedures that must be followed to improve sustainability.”



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