Post Election Report

Election Results

Thank you all for your support, I am sorry to let you know that we lost the race yesterday.

The unofficial results:

Velma Lomax #1,860     55%

Anthony Krzywicki #900     26.8%

Thomas Luna #556  16.5%

I am proud to say that I was the runner up, with 900 votes counted so far and obtained almost 27% of the vote.

I decided to run for a few reasons which I was able to bring light to and talk about in open public forums and hopefully get the attention of those parents and elected officials to act on them.

I ran because of social justice issues which affect our community, explicitly kids who are falling under the radar. There is a lack of communication between teachers, school counselors and school psychologists.  Part of this missing communication is our staff is overworked to actually identify issues and give attention needed to our students.  I also, ran to ensure that the after school program ASES continues to be funded and open to all students who may need the after school help.  I know that most of our community are working families and the ASES program is such an asset to our community.  I wanted to see our students be encouraged to become engaged in civics at the local level during election time and education of on the importance.

I ran on environmental justice issues that must to be addressed at our schools.  Some of our schools are lacking proper recycling programs on campus.  All of our schools are utilizing single use plastics and Styrofoam containers, which are either being littered or going straight to the landfill.  I wanted to see a city bus voucher program to cut down on pollution and the amount of cars coming on and off campuses.  I wanted to see Green Technologies offered at the High School level with a new Green focused vocational and trade school in the future.  The Farm to School Program is a great mechanism that we have going at some of our local schools, but I wanted to see that expanded upon; as well as, offering plant based vegetarian options in the cafeterias.

Lastly, it was a non-partisan race, but I let people know that the ideas and principles I was running on were part of the Green Party’s platform.  I hope I encouraged others to look into joining the Green party and being part of the true political revolution!

Keep being the change that you want to see

-Anthony Krzywicki


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