MB Hanrahan-

“I endorse Anthony as a Green Party candidate as I know he and his family actually practice an ecologically oriented lifestyle . I have three friends running for three different positions, and it makes me proud that I hang out with people that are not just complaining, they’re actually trying to transform the system. My road to bettering my community, and the world is through art, and have been a VUSD educator for 8 years. I honor the gift I was given. I, like everyone, benefit from the quality of our public servants. And thus I respect and endorse Anthony for VUSD School Board. I believe he will add a valuable perspective to influence our local education system.”

Planned Parenthood

“On behalf of the Planned Parenthood Central Coast Action Fund, I’m pleased to share that the Action Fund Board voted to recognize you as a candidate with a 100% rating on reproductive health issues. Attached you will find a letter from Susan Deacon, PPCCAF’s Board Chair.”

CAUSE Action Fund


Ventura Green Party Image

Green Party of Ventura County

“The Green Party of Ventura County supports candidate Anthony Krzywicki for VUSD Area 1. His platform aligns with the Green Party Platform and we know that his experience as a parent would bring a unique insight to the position that no other candidate could offer. Vote for Krzywicki come November 6th!”


Ventura County Activists for Bernie Sanders 2020 #OurRevolution

“We have endorsed Anthony Krzywicki for Ventura Unified School Board, Area 1 in the November 6, 2018 Midterm Election. Anthony has worked in collaboration with our group for three years as a sincere, dedicated, and caring leader. His concern for Social and Environmental Justice aligns with our core values.”

Gayle McLaughlin

“I am honored to endorse Anthony Krzywicki for Ventura Unified School District Area 1.  Anthony’s corporate-free campaign and his commitment to social, economic, educational and environmental justice are exemplary.  Anthony will work hard to assure that all students in the district get the well-rounded, high-quality public education that every young person deserves!”

Gayle McLaughlin

Former two-term mayor of Richmond, CA

Recent candidate for CA Lt. Governor

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