Social Justice

  • Communication
    • Improve inter-school communication
    • Strengthen the culture of collaboration and cooperation
    • Provide more assistance to our socioeconomically disadvantaged subgroup
      • Ensure ASES program remains funded

I have noticed a need for a more effective communication system within the schools.  I have experienced counselors, psychologists, and teachers fail at communicating effectively for my son, at multiple schools. I believe in fostering collaboration between Superintendent, principles, teachers and parents. We have a very high Socioeconomically Disadvantaged Subgroup within district 1, at our schools that need to receive attention and compassion. As a district we can ensure these students are not overlooked. Leading education can only happen when there is effective interaction for all who are involved in our children’s lives.

  • Recruitment and Retention
    • Obtain the highest educated teachers
    • Provide competitive salaries for teachers and staff
    • Include further retirement options

VUSD needs to continue to be on the cutting edge of education and technology; this can be obtained with new teachers. We also need to ensure that quality teachers are retained. I want to look at hiring techniques and career incentives for teachers and support staff. Make sure that all staff employed at VUSD receives a living wage and have a secure future. Happy teachers create well-educated children and a better future.

  • Classroom
    • Decrease class size
    • Continue to support the strict non-violent conflict resolution and humane education
    • Incorporate a broader civics curriculum
    • Offer Green Technology elective
    • Create a vocational and trade centered High School

The overwhelming amount of students in a class room takes away from individual and unique teaching techniques with teacher’s focus on obtaining benchmarks and not the enjoyment of the student’s learning experience; which I have experienced first hand with my son and his constant complaints of not being heard or seen during class. Increase Civics curriculum in late elementary and secondary schools, to teach students to be active citizens will improve our community and city. I truly want our children to know that they can be involved and make the changes other generations couldn’t.

Environmental Justice

  • School Cafeteria
    • Expand the Farm-to-School program
    • Improve the student lunch assistance program
    • Offer plant-based vegetarian options to students

We have a need to provide quality, healthy lunches to all our students. I know first hand how families can be ignored while submitting paperwork to the school lunch program.

  • Reduce the environmental impact
    • Eliminate the use of single use plastics
    • Invest in additional Solar panels
    • Investigate a City Bus Voucher Program to cut down air pollution
    • Stop the use of carcinogenic and toxic pesticides
    • Embrace the use of earth friendly products

I believe our schools can be more self reliant on energy and more to more renewable energy sources. Only in extreme circumstances do pesticides need to be use and when if ever, we should look at adopting a stricter policy regarding pesticide, rodenticide or herbicide similar to Oak Park Unified School District. It is important that we start with limiting out negative impact on the planet and doing this in our schools will show the younger generations how to follow this model in their adult lives and at home.

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